Ulrich Ueckerseifer

Hansa Congress moderator

After leaving school, Ulrich Ueckerseifer set out to learn what folks in these parts call “a decent trade”. Following an apprenticeship in banking and a subsequent job as a bank clerk, he studied economics and media science in Siegen, Sweden, and Spain, all the while working as a freelance journalist at the Siegen WDR television station. His studies were followed by a traineeship at WDR Broadcasting Corporation. Since 2002, he has been an editor with the WDR, first from 2002 to 2006 at their Siegen studio, and since 2006 in the corporation's economic affairs division where he excels as an expert for the truly complex topics like financial markets and world economy.


To me, Hansa means...

… a childhood memory. As a collector of books from the “Was ist was?” ('What's What?') children's non-fiction series, I also came across the Pirates volume which dealt extensively with the Hanseatic League. As a result, I have always enjoyed reading about all things Hansa.