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40th International Hanseatic Days Brilon
June 4th to June 7th Juni 2020


Dr. Christof Bartsch

Mayor of Brilon

EUROPE – in the heart of Brilon

“Brilon and Hansa?” Many guests, but also plenty of Briloners confronted for the first time with our Hanseatic history will be wondering what a Westphalian country town located in the rural Sauerland highlands has to do with this medieval trading federation. On closer inspection, however, a lot of things will become clearer. Ultimately, everyone will agree it was thanks to...


Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Federal President of Germany and Patron of the Brilon Hanseatic Days

Aware of the Hanseatic League's importance for European coexistence, the Federal President is pleased to
accept patronage for the Brilon 40th International Hanseatic Days, wishing the best of luck for the
preparations. May the many events enjoy the attention they deserve.

Jan Lindenau

President of the Hanseatic League

The Hansa is an active network of towns which historically belonged to the federation of merchant cities known by the name “Hanseatic League”, or which had busy trading relations with those cities.

Acting on the basis of historical experience and a cross-border Hanseatic ideal, our federation has made it its mission to revive the spirit of a truly European city...


Advance ticket sales for Hansa Party to start at Brilon Christmas Market

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Hot off the press, a special edition of Heimatliebe magazine appeared last weekend, just in time with the meeting of the Autumn Commission.

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For over a year now, approximately 150 volunteers have been committed to preparing the Hanseatic Days. Working in thirteen task-force teams, they have…

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For the last October weekend, the town of Brilon is expecting international visitors bringing with them a taste of the 40th International Hanseatic…

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