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These were the first virtual Hanseatic Days in Brilon

How to participate:

After the cancellation oft the 40th International Hanseatic days in Brilon, the town of Brilon planned the "first virtual Hanseatic Days" for the first weekend in June.

In close coordination with the Hanseatic League, and the Hansebüro of the HANSA, Brilon organized the  “first virtual Hanseatic Days in the 660-year history of the Hanseatic league”. All agenda items with a specific time can still be viewed live on the internet. 



Download the programme here.

First Impression of the Virtual Hanseatic Days


Thursday, June 4th

7:30 p.m.

Opening ceremony,

followed by the Hanseatic fanfare performed by the “Brilon Hanseatic orchestra project"                                    


Friday, June 5th


Virtual guides and exhibitions:

8 a.m.

Photography exhibition “The Hanseatic League - People and Locations"

8 a.m. 

#EuropeUnited – Our Hanseatic guests present themselves

8 a.m.

„Brilons open Gardens“ - 14 Gardenowners open their virtual gates

8 a.m.“The tents of European solidarity” - impressions of the hanseatic-handmade tipi, guided by artist Ute Lennartz- Lembeck  
8 a.m.Impressions from Brilon  
9 a.m.The Hansa-Run of the "Sekundarschule Brilon"  
10 a.m.

Meeting of the assembly of delegates of the hanseatic league via video conferencing

(internal meeting, no live broadcast on the Internet)

11 a.m.Signing the “Brilon-Declaration” celebrating the 40th anniversary of the modern International Hanseatic League


Hanseatic fanfare performed by "Bläserkreis Petrinum Brilon"  
1 p.m.Address of the Russian Hansa from Velikij Nowgorod  
2 p.m.

“Hansa in face of Corona” – Greetings from the LWL- Kulturstiftung and the Westphalian Hanseatic League

3 p.m.Address from Dr. Felicia Sternfeld, director of the European Hanseatic Museum, Lübeck  
4 p.m.Homage to the hansa by "Männerchor 1868 Brilon"  
5 p.m.Address from Rachid Hamdaoui, Spokesman of the youthHansa Commission  
6 p.m.Hanseatic fanfare performed by "Jugendblasorchester Brilon"  
6.30 p.m.Stay@home – Live-cooking show „Sauerländer Menü“ with regional cooks Pio und Tommy (Download the list of ingredients)  


Saturday, June 6th

9 a.m.Hansa-Run: The first milestone
10 a.m.Hanseatic fanfare performed by "Blasorchester Brilon"     
11 a.m.

Video message of the officiating “Briloner Waldfee” and her predecessors

11.30 a.m.Video message of the symbolic figurehead of Lippstadt, Graf Bernhard II                                                                        
noon Hanseatic fanfare performed by "Blasorchester Brilon"     
2 p.m.

Virtual visit of the Hanseatic Museum  with Leah and Sabrina, Members of the YouthHansa-Team Brilon

Please join us on Instagram!

3 p.m.HanseMove – the Hanseatic League in motion – with the VHS Brilon                                              
5.30 p.m.

Address from the “St. Hubertus Schützenbruderschaft Brilon”

6 p.m.Hanseatic fanfare performed by "Musikverein Messinghausen"


Sunday, June 7th

9 a.m.Hansa-Run: The first milestone                                                                                                        
11 p.m.YouthHansa - time capsule


Hanseatic fanfare performed live by "Musikverein Hoppecke"

and Interview with Annette Kemmerling from "Breylonia Gewandschneyderey"

2-5 p.m.

Impressions of the „Drive-in – Hanseatic Day to go“

(in Front of the town Hall)

6 p.m.

Hanseatic fanfare performed live by "Musikverein Altenbüren"

followed by the Closing ceremony with the Hansa-Choir

Monday, June 8th

9 a.m.Hansa-Run: The goal                                                                                     


All agenda items with a specific time can be viewed live on the internet. You can follow all events on our social media accounts.

What was going to happen in Brilon’s city centre during the 4th and the 7th of June 2020?

Under consideration of the Corona pandemic and social distancing measures, we are capable to perform following ‘live’ events:

  • “Tents of European solidarity” –

         in the front yard of the Marienschule, on the church grounds of “Evangelische Kirche” and in front of the hospital “Maria Hilf”


  • Outdoor Photography exhibition “The Hanseatic League - People and Locations”

          Bürgerzentrum Kolpinghaus, Propst-Meyer-Straße


  • “#HanseUnited”
    Movie displayed on an outdoor-screen at the museum Haus Hövener


  • “Drive-in – Hanseatic Day to go”
    on Sunday 7th, between 2 and 5 p.m. at the bus station in front of the city hall.

    The Drive-in will contain 3 booths:
                Hanse booth:              Sale of the Hanse lucky bag
                Heimat booth:             “Heimatliebe” magazine for free
                Handgemacht booth:  Sale of handmade items      


We thank all sponsors and supporters!