On Wednesday, 24th June 2015, the “Association for the promotion of the Brilon Hanseatic Days 2020“ was founded in the “Bürgersaal“ conference room of the Brilon Town Hall.

The purpose of this organisation is to promote international understanding, combined with a spirit of tolerance in all cultural spheres. This aim, laid out in the club's statutory regulations, is achieved through the financial and moral support by the Brilon town council and its municipal committees within the scope of the 40th International Hanseatic Days, especially in regard to the cultural supporting programme, the international events, and the hosting of guests from far and wide.

The society's Board consists of Franz Schrewe (Honorary Mayor of Brilon, chairman), Alexander Mielke (deputy chairman), Wolfgang Pack (treasurer), and Martin Ansorge (chief executive and secretary). In addition, the general assembly elected Reinhard Sommer, Günter Wiese and Heinz-Josef Wiese advisory members to the extended executive committee. The board can decide on further advisory associates.

Moreover, Heidi Hillebrand and Andrea Wind function as additional consultive members.

Members of the support association can be individuals, partnerships, and legal entities under private or public law. Ex-officio associates are the Mayor of Brilon, the town's treasurer, and the Head of the local Business and Tourism Bureau. Membership may be achieved by written application and upon its acceptance by the board. Following a general-assembly ruling, associates will be charged an obligatory fee of at least €12 p.a. Higher contributions are welcome.

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