Congress Schedule

9:00 a.m.:        Coming together

from 9 a.m.:     Accreditation formalities

10:00 a.m.:       Welcome and Official opening by Brilon Town Council officials

10:15 a.m.:      Opening address given by Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Economic Affairs of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia

10:45 a.m.:      Speech rendered byProf. Holger Hanselka, Doctor of Engineering, President of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

                        Topic: Germany 2030 and the world of work. How technology will change our day-to-day work routine

12:00 noon:     Hansa Workshop, parallel to which information stalls of local businesses can be visited

5:00 p.m.:        Concluding discussion with the experts

6:00 p.m.:        Get-together and social evening: Barbecue dinner buffet, served by Martin Steiner, Michelin-star gourmet Chef of  Almer Schloßmühle restaurant

During the “Coming together”, coffee and cold drinks will be served.

From 12 o'clock noon, snacks and drinks will be available during the intervals (‘Flying Buffet’).

Please note: For dinner, an additional booking is required.


The Hansa Workshop gives you the possibility to take an active part.

True to our leitmotif “Shaping the future together”, we would like to discuss with you current issues such as “Recruiting”, “Digitalisation”, “Sustainability” and “Innovation”.

We have allocated those discussion topics to various sectors of business, making sure you can benefit in the best way possible from the Hansa Congress. By registering for your specific line of work, you will be given incentives targeted at your enterprise.


Having worked in their respective fields for many years, and equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise, our experts will provide the introduction to the topics.

The debates, aimed at evoking new inspirations and synergy effects for your industry, will be followed by constructive dialogue.

“First and foremost, future recruiting has to be able to make potential employees attractive offers going far beyond mere pay negotiations. The issue must be what life is like inside the enterprise, and demonstrating to the world outside: 'This is where I matter, and where it makes a world of difference whether or not I'm there'.”

Marie Ting | Managing Director Southern Westphalia Regional Marketing

“By digitalisation we understand the technical representation of any form of information by means of ones and zeros as well as their processing through devices interlinked world-wide – always hoping that they will indeed make intelligent decisions, thereby strongly changing our lives in the future.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Botteck | “Fachochschule Südwestfalen” Technical University of Applied Sciences

“To me, sustainability means fair trade, social responsibility, and dealing respectfully with our planet's resources. Though keeping an eye on the present, sustainability will always be directed at the future in general as well as at generations to come.”

Bernhard Thies, D.Eng. | German Electrotechnology Association (VED)

Innovations will only be feasible if we sustain and develop our innovative capabilities. As former Federal President Roman Herzog once stated: 'Our ability to innovate determines our destiny.'”


Prof. Dr. Ewald Mittelstädt | “Fachochschule Südwestfalen” Technical University of Applied Sciences

​​​​​​​Local enterprises present themselves

You're interested in facts and figures on Brilon businesses at the Hansa Congress? No problem. During the Hansa Workshops, groups will have two intervals during which there will be a chance to network with experts from domestic companies. Information stalls are organsised according to sectors of industry.


Details as to which firms will be present can be found here.


Interesting programme detail on Saturday, 6th June 2020

Should you be planning to attend the Brilon Hanseatic Convention beyond June 5, we also recommend the presentations on the topic of “Europe-Hansa-Home” taking place on the main stage in front of the town hall (market square) on Saturday, June 6, 2 p.m. Prominent personalities from national, regional, and local politics as well as Hanse members (Jan Lindenau, President of the Hanseatic League, Lübeck) and the Mayor of Brilon, Dr. Christof Bartsch, shall be pleased to meet you there for an exchange of views.

Later on, while strolling across the “European Market”, you may gather further impressions on Europe and the network meetings as well as indulge in stimulating conversations.