Premeditated Programme for Delegates

as of February 2020

Thursday, 4 June 2020

16:00    Welcome Reception byTown Council representatives of the Hanseatic Township of Brilon

18:00    Opening Parade and Opening Ceremony (Main Stage at Rathaus Town Hall)


Friday, 5 June 2020

08:30    Session of the Governing Board (Brilon Town Hall)

09:00    “Fair Breakfast” – Meeting of the “Fair Hansa” Project Group (Alfred Delp Haus Building)

10:00    Session of the Hansa Tourism Project Group (Sparkasse Hochsauerland HQ)

10:00    Session of HANSEartWORKS (Brilon Marienschule School)

10:00    Session working committee of archivsits (community centre, Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum)

11:00    Opening of Hansa Market (Main Stage at Town Hall)

12:00    Opening of HANSEartWORKS (Brilon Marienschule School)

12:00    Meeting of the Hanseatic Guild (Kolpinghaus Brilon Community Centre, Gesellenzimmer room)

14:00    Meeting of Hanseatic Commission (Kolpinghaus Brilon Community Centre)

19:00    “Lübeck Abend” Social evening (Am Wallgraben Hotel)


Saturday, 6 June 2020

09:00    Council of Delegates Assembly (Kolpinghaus Brilon Community Centre)

14:00    “Loving one's hometown – living Europe”: Political Panel (Main stage at Town Hall)

17:00    Riga Reception (Witteler Mercedes Car Dealers, Brilon)

20:00    Hansa Party “Brilon Meets Europe” (Schützenhalle Hall of the Brilon Rifle Association)


Sunday, 7 June 2020

10:00    Ecumenical service at Brilon Propsteikirche parish church

12:00    Meeting of Hanseverein Hanseatic Association (Volksbank Brilon-Büren-Salzkotten bank HQ)

13:00    Press briefing Brilon Hanseatic Days (Kolpinghaus Brilon Community Centre)

17:00    Picking up the Hanseatic delegates for the Closing Ceremony (Hansa Market)

18:00    Closing Ceremony