Marie Ting

Our Recruiting expert

Marie Ting studied Communications and Management at Iserlohn Business and Information Technology School (BiTS), also reading philosophy in Hagen and La Plata, Argentina. After her graduation in 2008, she gathered her first job experiences in Chile, Canada, and Luxembourg. Also in 2008, she hosted the Iserlohn Campus Symposium with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Bavarian ex-PM Edmund Stoiber (later EU Board of Finances) and others. In the same year, she founded the “Weiße Q Consulting”, an Iserlohn consulting agency which she sold after three years. During that time Marie was a lecturer at BiTS.

In 2011, she was asked to teach for two years as a pace-setter at a hotspot school. A Fellow of the “Teach First Deutschland” Programme, her mission was to foster long-term progress in the field of equal opportunities inside the national network.

Since 2012 she has been taking part in the development and management of the Southern Westphalia Regional Marketing at Südwestfalen Agentur GmbH, of which she was appointed authorised signatory in 2018.

To me, recruiting means …

… inspiring people for something grand. I spend most of my day at the workplace, sacrificing time and energy. If as an employer I want to succeed in inspiring my staff, I have to make people understand why they should bother getting up for me every morning, show them how we all can ensure that each and every colleague finds that degree of leeway and responsibility which makes them feel good. Successful recruiting to me works like magnetism: Being visible with all my strengths and in all honesty while attracting people who exactly fit the bill.

Four questions for Marie Ting:

Hansa to me means “United we are stronger”. Thus: Establishing networks, partnership on a par, exchange, and respect. I think it is fascinating how very up to date the notion of the Hanseatic League still is. You find it in each social network, in reliable and well-maintained partnerships across borders or city limits, in cooperations and flourishing trade.

What do you expect of the Brilon Hansa Congress? I am absolutely sure that it's going to be a knockout – and that it will leave a lasting impression on the whole of Southern Westphalia. A splendid opportunity to show to the many visitors from far and wide that Brilon is typical of the entire region. Wonderfully situated in the middle of the countryside, inviting you to find peace of mind and time to take a deep breath. A genuine flair of well-being in the centre of town. A special feeling of togetherness, well-respected traditions and a hands-on mentality which will definitely be felt during the Hanseatic Days. At the same time this unbelievably strong, innovative economy, with Brilon as the launch pad for successful enterprises that have turned into global players. That's definitely a wow-factor which many visitors will certainly take home in their minds and in their hearts.

„Future recruiting“ … first and foremosthas to make potential staff attractive offers. And an attractive offer means far more than just negotiating salaries. The aim must be to feel part of in-company life and to demonstrate to the outside world: This is where I matter, and where it makes a world of difference whether or not I'm there. In our firm, you can seriously participate and take responsibility. We believe in swarm intelligence and in enhancing our products and processes jointly as a team, with a managerial focus on individual strengths, on transparency and honesty. Those are central aspects, as is fair treatment – no matter what failures or needs the individual colleague may have. I am convinced that the culture and communication incorporated in a business are the key factors of success for employers who want to recruit successfully, generating growth as a result.

What can visitors expect of the discussions with you? An honest, inspiring, and analytical view on the topic of securing skilled personnel. Within the scope of regional marketing, and after plenty of talks with those 350 firms which have joined the “Economy in Southern Westphalia” initiative, I am aware of what employers think or how they feel. At the same time, I know full well what can or must be done in order to improve the situation, and how to do it.