New Programme Booklet with Plenty of Useful Info on Hanseatic Days

Hot off the press, a special edition of Heimatliebe magazine appeared last weekend, just in time with the meeting of the Autumn Commission.

Matching last weekend's session of the Autumn Commission, the Standpunktverlag publishing house handed a hot-off-the-press special edition of Heimatliebe magazine to Ute Hachmann, project manager in charge of organisation.

Solely addressing the 40th International Hanseatic Days 2020 in Brilon, this special issue renders the individual elements of the occasion more tangible and accessible. Providing background information on next year's international mega-event, the journal illustrates the history of the Hanseatic League, the planning and layout of the event venues, and the extensive schedule for the coming year. A particular highlight section entitled “The Perfect Day” offers suggestions as to how the programme of the Hanseatic Convention with its wide range of attractions can be turned into a very personal experience for visitors, be they culture enthusiasts, families, or other action-seeking fellow-citizens.

“Things just don't work without volunteers.” That's why the booklet also dedicates a story to all helpers who have so far supported us and will certainly carry us down the home stretch to the finishing line, making sure that together we will spend unforgettable Hanseatic Days next summer in Brilon town.

Download the magazine here