Die HANSE zu Gast in Brilon

Große Kommissionssitzung des Städtebundes Die HANSE vom 25. bis 27. Oktober in Brilon

The visiting guests will be the Hanseatic League Committee which consists of members from all Hanseatic countries, representatives of the federation's youth organisation, YouthHansa, and of the league's Governing Board. More than sixty guests will be arriving from the following Hanseatic communities: Bergen (Norway), Hafnarfjördour (Iceland), Hull (UK), Kings Lynn (UK), Zwolle (the Netherlands), Kampen (the Netherlands), Gdansk (Poland), Kaunas (Lithuania), Pskov (Russian Federation), Velikiy Novgorod (Russian Federation), Visby (Sweden), Turku (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Pärnu (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Bruges (Belgium), Brunswick, Emmerich, Greifswald, Hamm, Stade, Stralsund, Lippstadt, Lübeck, Neuss, Rostock, Osnabrück, Salzwedel, Stendal (all Germany).

Every autumn, the Hanseatic Commission traditionally visits the town hosting the subsequent year's event, and this time it is Brilon's turn. Staying from 25 to 27 October 2019, the commission will be given a detailed presentation of the concept and premises for the 40th International Hanseatic Convention by the organisers. Besides the big commission conference, there will be meetings of the YouthHansa, the HANSEartWORKS task force, and the Hanseatic Guild.

The visit of the commission members from sixteen countries offers Brilon a welcome chance to present itself as a modern Hanseatic town. Located in a rural highland region with attractive enterprises and leisure opportunities, it will wet the delegates' appetite for the 40th International Hanseatic Days 2020. In order to show the League's representatives how seriously Briloners take their motto, “Hanse.Home.Handmade.”, the roughly sixty delegates will be presented with extra bags entirely handcrafted by volunteers. Among other gifts, those bags contain a special edition of the Heimatliebe ('Love of Home') magazine advertising passionately the Brilon region as well as next year's king-size event.

With the commission's visit to Brilon, preparations for the 40th International Hanseatic Days are entering their crucial stage.