“Drive-in – Hanseatic Day to go“

In addition to numerous virtual opportunities within the new framework of the “first virtual Hanseatic Day in the 660-year history of the Hanseatic league”, the organization team of the 40. International Hanseatic Days is preparing a „Hanseatic Day to go“ for our citizens and friends under consideration of the Corona pandemic and social distancing measures.

On Sunday 7th, between 2 and 5 p.m., a Drive-in at the Bus Station in front of our city hall will be Open for business, where plenty pretty things can be discovered, following our motto „Hanse.Heimat.Handgemacht“:

As a keepsake you can purchase a Hanseatic lucky bag for 15,00€ only at a first booth. The lucky bag is filled with at least eight keepsakes of the 40th Hanseatic Days. Who still has not gotten one‘s hands on the new edition of the magazine „Heimatliebe“, has the  opportunity to obtain one for free along with a little surprise at a second booth.

The third booth is revolving around the „Tent of European Solidarity“ where „handcrafted“ items are offered for sale. This booth is organized in cooperation with the Kunterbunt e.V. which is responsible for the initiative and implementation of building the three tents (tipis). These are assembled from 1.200 knitted and crocheted squares each.

The drive in can be entered through one direction only. Coming from Strackestraße one has to pass the city hall heading to Steinweg. The sale and issue of goods is exclusively for people in cars.

As a reminder of the cancellation of the major event, you have the opportunity to find little „live“ clues within the city between the 4th and 7th of June. Among others, „the Tent of European Solidarity“ will be erected. People from over 20 Hanseatic Towns from Germany, Norway, Latvia, Russia, England, Poland and the Netherlands have participated in the realization of the project.

The photography exhibition “The Hanseatic League - People and Locations” “ can be viewed out in the open. This exhibition is part of the media project „Hansedialog“ which was established for the 40. International Hanseatic Days on the Initiative of the journalist association in Veliki Nobgorod.

The names of all Hanseatic Towns who registered for the Hanseatic Days in Brilon will be visualized  in our city.