€ 100,000 Grant to Help Funding Hanseatic Days

Besides giving an outlook to the town's 800th anniversary, this year's official New Year's Reception centred on representative Brilon townspeople as well as on all dedicated citizens participating in hosting the Hanseatic Days.


Mayor Dr. Bartsch gave praise to the many Briloners who committed themselves already in the run-up to the big event. As respresentatives for the numerous volunteers, he asked the Stammtisch Starke group of regulars, the Brilon Forest Fairies, the Partnership Association as well as the Historic Garments work group to join him on the stage. For over a year now, these Briloners have been dedicating themselves as volunteers for the Hanseatic Days, lending a hand in the most various ways, both in front of and behind the scenes. 


A Hanseatic highlight of the event was the visit of Matthias Löb, Director of the LWL Westfalen-Lippe Regional Authority, who officially confirmed that the Cultural Foundation of his agency is going to provide financial support for the Hanseatic Days.


“Here in Brilon, the Hanseatic Convention is being actively organised by both citizens and businesses alike”, Löb stated in his speech. “For this reason, the town is a formidable ambassador for Westphalia province. Half of the one hundred German Hanseatic towns are located in Westphalia, so the project has a very clear reference to our district. This fits our project perfectly as it contains quite considerable qualities”, Mr. Löb added, ponting out that the grant amounts to a hefty 100,000 euros.


Pleased about the LWL's esteem, Mayor Dr. Christof Bartsch and Ute Hachmann, project leader in charge of organisation, accepted the grant notice with deep appreciation. “The funds will be well spent on the Hanseatic Days”, Ms Hachmann underlined. “Every little thing helps – every single euro, but most of all each and every helping hand.”