Primary school children discover Hanseatic League

What is the Hanseatic League? How long has it been around? What's Brilon got to do with the Hanse?

By now, the fourth-grade pupils of the Brilon schools are able to answer all of those questions, and  a few more as well. Following a new approach put forward by the municipal library, the town's grade schools are gearing up for the 40th International Hanseatic Days taking place this summer.

As a warm-up, the boys and girls start by competing in a quiz game, thus learning about the historic roots of the Hanseatic League. Making use of a map, they also locate the sixteen member countries, gaining information on the different cultures and languages.

Meanwhile, knowing their way around Brilon perfectly well, the young experts have learnt to pinpoint the sights of their home town and to present them to their international guests. They know that “the Derker Gate was built for protection. In former times, there were many more city gates, protecting the Briloners from burglars because stealing food and jewellery was quite common in those days”.


Wrapping up their visit to the municipal library, the children learn what “welcome” means in the languages of the League, also finding out about exciting things waiting for them in June. Finally, they each craft a hand labelled with a few words of greeting which will decorate the event premises during the Hansa Convention.

For info: Besides the Hansa Market and other markets, there will be a “HansaKids Area” during the Brilon International Hanseatic Days 2020. Here, the Brilon kindergartens and primary schools, reinforced by volunteers and sponsored by the Volksbank Brilon-Büren-Salzkotten People's Bank, are going to offer a captivating programme for children and families.